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(Based in Congleton, Cheshire)

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Garden Chickens now available coming up to point of lay

Updated 28th March 2019

I started out with just my 6 Blackrock hens for some fresh eggs, but soon, as it would seem happens when you own a few chickens my collection grew! I started collecting some different variety's and rare breeds became a favorite. Eventually I started to organise some unrelated trios etc for breeding and hatching eggs, so, what started out as a small hobby soon became a rather large project!

I now specialise in both the everyday garden chicken for those of us that like our own fresh eggs and Rare Breed poultry for the more adventurous.

Please feel free to contact me for any information/advise and if I am able I will be glad to help.

 All pictures on this website are taken by me and are all photographs of my own stock birds Please ask for permission for use of the photos.

 Customer Review:

I was very impressed by both your virtual and actual set ups. Your website has wonderful photos of your lovely birds and is informative, easy to navigate and kept up to date. You have a great natural and open setting for your excellent quality, healthy and relaxed birds that you evidently raise with great care, enthusiasm and knowledge.Thank you so much for all your help in selecting our chickens - a hard task when you have such a varied and interesting collection at very reasonable prices. We are delighted with the pair of wonderful gold campines that we last got from you, the children love holding them and they have settled in beautifully with the rest of our flock. We are so pleased to have found such a reputable, reliable breeder and are happy repeat customers despite you being such a distance from us - it is well worth the journey.