Blue Andalusian (Rare Breed)

Please note I no longer have any Andalusian

 The Andalusian developed in Andalucia, Spain, and are one of the oldest Mediterrainean breeds,the blues were developed in 1846 from blacks and white.Andalusians are closely feathered, a large fowl active and good layers of large white eggswhich they lay at a very early age.

An active forager; good backyard layer plus superb show bird, quieter than many Mediterranean's (i.e. mad and scatty).This breed is exceedingly rare!


                          Splash Andalusian Hen

                    (Hatched 2010)

Blue Andalusian Cockerel and Hen.
Black Andalusian Cockerel in the back ground
(Hatched 2011)


Blue Andalusian Chicks (Hatched Feb 2012)