Java Green (Pavo muticus)

A very beautiful bird, more upright in stance than the India Blue. The overall coloration of metallic green feathers tipped with black, give the appearance of scales. The crest of this species stands nearly erect compared to the broad crest of its Indian relative; bare skin of blue and yellow beneath the eye, dark bluish-green metallic feathers on the remainder of the head and neck. The wing coverts are dark green and blue, with the flight feathers chestnut. The tail is similar to the Indian Blue, but is somewhat darker at the base and has a golden sheen throughout the train. There is slight variation between the subspecies: muticus is the brightest green of the three with bright iridescent blue and green wing coverts; spificer is much duller and there is more blue in the plumage than muticus and imperator; imperator is similar to muticus, but can be distinguished by having darker flanks, abdomen and secondaries and much lighter facial skin.

Although the birds are beautiful, they are not easy to raise. Greens are flightier than blues, and can be aggressive towards humans and other birds. They also are very susceptible to the cold and need to be raised in heated or insulated aviaries during the winter in colder areas. However, if one can deal with these considerations, greens are very wonderful birds and bring great pleasure.

Peacocks and Peahens are very similar and as young they difficult to distinguish between the two, even though the male has longer legs than the peahen it is only as they mature that you will be able to tell them apart as the male starts growing his train.