Sicilian Buttercup (Rare Breed) 

 The Sicilian Buttercup is a rare breed and originates from Sicily as its name suggests. It is known for its buttercup-shaped comb which is, I believe, totally unique in the poultry world. Other characteristic of the breed is the difference in the colouring of the male and the female. The Cockerel is a deep orange-red with a black tail and the cape should show some black spangles. The hen is golden buff, with parallel rows of black spangles, giving her an almost spotted appearance. The Sicilian Buttercup is a  nonsitting light Mediterranean breed, very lively and loves to forage.

Sicilian Buttercup Cock & Hen


Sicilian Buttercup hens

Sicilian Buttercup Chick, you can see the Buttercup shaped comb.